In a sea of content, “more content” isn’t enough.

To grab attention, nurture leads, and make sales, you need great ideas and great copy.

Strategic thinking, fresh ideas, and innovative concepts are not easy to come by … they take hard work, creativity, and research.

But the payoff is worth it. More conversions, more leads, more sales, more customers, and more engagement, for a start.

Since 2011, I’ve helped clients develop unique ideas and sales messages that gets real results.

My writing has gotten clients book deals with major publishers … generated countless views, social shares, and citations … and pulled in thousands of dollars in leads and sales.

Clients have included B2B and B2C businesses, from international advertising firms to SMBs. I’ve written for a wide range of industries, including IT, digital marketing, health, travel, and finance.

If you want better results, higher ROI, and more sales, send me an email today.

My name is Nathan Warne.

I have over 20 years of experience working with words.

Whether you need persuasive sales copy, in-depth research, or strategic marketing, I can help.

What I Do

Sales Copy

Cheap copy only hurts conversion rates and turns away prospects. If you’re looking for sales copy that engages, persuades, and converts, I’ve got you covered.

Content Marketing

Effective marketing content attracts customers, creates trust, and builds thought leadership. I help with everything from blogs to newsletters to ghostwritten PR articles to ebooks.

Other Writing Solutions

Over the past two decades, I’ve written news articles, press releases, business plans, technical material, and more. I have also helped clients with ghostwriting, editing, brainstorming, and team management.


The best writing looks at the big picture as well as the minute details. I use my digital marketing experience to create copy and content that tackles strategic marketing objectives, your audience’s perspective, SEO, SMM, and more.

 Distribution & Publication

Don’t want to post all the marketing content yourself? Then let me do it. I’ll publish on WordPress, include pictures, run email marketing software, and post to other social media accounts as necessary.

Marketing Solutions

Need full-service content marketing management, a new WordPress site, or tips on social media automation? Look no further. I manage websites, social media, email marketing, and content marketing campaigns.

What I Bring to the Table

Raw Talent

Creativity is rare, and creative problem-solving is rarer still. It takes a special blend of talent, skill, and knowledge to create copy that converts and ideas that build authority.

In-Depth Knowledge

The world of marketing and sales are changing. I keep up with the evolving industry and deliver writing that’s appropriate to your project’s needs.

Thorough Research

Thought leadership is crucial for companies that want to differentiate themselves and define the curve in their industry. I cut through the fluff and use the sources that matter.


I have two decades of experience working with words and several years’ experience in commercial writing, editing, and the business world. This experience goes to work on every project.

Consistency & Reliability

Reliability should be a given in the commercial writing field, but it isn’t. I consistently meet deadlines and deliver the best writing money can buy.


Whether you’re a large corporation or a local business, I’ve got solutions to fit your budget. And if I’m out of your price range, I can help you find someone who isn’t.

What Clients Have to Say

  • I am very happy with Nathan’s work. Not only his work ethic, timely manner, and most of all his classic writing, but his great personality and talented skills help my business tremendously. Beautiful writing is essential in any aspect to give customers a great impression. My international business wouldn’t succeed without his skills and abilities.

    Kae Etchegoin, CEO, DK Body International, Inc.

    Kae Etchegoin, CEO, DK Body International, Inc.
  • Nathan is an extremely bright and talented copy writer. I have commissioned him to write a range of articles from simple opinion pieces to technically complicated articles that required considerable research. In every case he produced excellent copy in a timely fashion. He is always very professional and personable. I look forward to continuing to work with Nathan in the future, have recommended him to other people within my company, and recommend him to others who are looking for a highly competent copy writer.

    Adam Dennis, VP of Product Development, Dominion Dealer Solutions
  • Nathan has a talent for not only writing, but for understanding his client’s needs. I consider myself lucky to have found him – as his content is always appropriate, timely and professional. Most importantly, Nathan understands search engine optimization. He knows that we’re not just looking for content, but that we’re looking for to use his content to generate more traffic and ultimately increase sales. I would personally recommend his services to anyone looking for writing solutions.

    Brian Lee, Founder, Luxury Brokerage International & SBC Firm
  • I had a half-finished website idea. Nathan stepped in and presented several designs, approaches and tools to meet my needs. They are responsive and exceeded my expectations, helping me arrive at a better end product.

    Will Dickinson, Founder, Peace Corps Wiki
  • For over one year I have had the pleasure of working very closely with Nathan on several web sites, projects, and marketing programs for our business.  Nathan has always delivered excellent work at a reasonable price. He has always taken the time to listen to me, even while I was searching for ideas . Nathan is a true professional , excellent at his work, and his prices have always been very fair and reasonable.  I plan to continue to use all of the services he provides in the future.

    Dan McCorkle, Co-Founder, Southland Auctions
  • Nathan,

    I love using your services because I know the copy will be well thought out, intelligent, and beautifully written and that I can trust to send it to my clients without having to review it myself. I also like that you do what you say you are going to do and always meet my deadlines. I highly recommend anyone to consider using you for their writing services.

    Tom Cruz, CEO, AptoHQ
  • Not only is Nathan the most professional writer I’ve ever worked with, he is the most flexible, personable and prompt. The quality of his work is phenomenal and even after months of assignments, he continues to deliver!

    Heather Green, Owner, Greenthumb SEO
  • Your writing is consistently high quality and you are able to write about complex topics.

    For a solopreneur there’s never enough time to do everything, in fact there’s not even time to do a fraction of everything that needs to be done. It has been very helpful for me that I’ve been able to outsource some of my content needs to you.

    And I know that when I send over a topic you’ll do a fantastic job at covering it.

    Seppo Puusa, Owner, Acne Einstein

How I Like to Work


Working with me is easy:

1. You fill out a discovery questionnaire (a creative brief) with a few project details

2. I do the research

3. I write and submit the copy

4. You review and provide feedback

5. We work together to refine the copy until you’re satisfied

Get in Touch

No charge.

No strings attached.

If you’d like a quote, please tell me a bit about:

  • The type of copy you’d like
  • The word count
  • Your deadline
  • Your industry
  • Your business
  • Other relevant details
  • A good time to reach you
  • Any questions that you may have

I’ll contact you and we can arrange a time for an initial chat.

If we both feel like it could be a good fit and you’d like to move forward, I’ll send you a quote and a contract.

Schedule a Free Meeting